Summer time

Well, I think it's time to remember that summer has already started, highschool has finished and we have to live great experiences until September arrives.
I want to say congratulations to people who have passed all their subjects and good luck to those who have to study these months.
Before I say something more I want to say sorry to people who speak english because I know that i have a lot of mistakes, I'm learning yet, and I know I 'll be able to do it better in a few years.
I would like to go on a trip to the U.K, Malta or the U.S.A to practice but I'm too shy and that's a problem for me because when i talk to someone I get nervous and I make a lot of mistakes, so I think I have to be brave and forget "the problem"
Today I want to talk about interesting places where we can go on holiday.
I'm going to start with Spain, because is the country where I live and i know it better(Obviously)
Here we have a lot of different places to choose, becah, country, lost villages in the mountain...
And normally it's hot, too hot!
I preffer the east and northeast coast, specially Balear Islands, because I have(or I had TT) a house there, in Mallorca.

I also like the north and I can say that I love Galicia, I'd like to give more details, but I don't know how to explain why I love this place, and i dont have time enough, my little brother is calling, so i will continue later, today, I hope.

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