Places I would like to go part II

Well, last day i left my post at the middle, so im continuing with it.
I was talking about Galicia and Mallorca, places I like from my country.
The reasons:
Well, let' start with Mallorca.
First I want to say that I thought Mallorca was a typical touristic place like others in Spain, sun, nice beaches and full hotels.
Maby I'm lucky because I have family there and they have shown me the island, I was wrong, Mallorca alsoreally beautiful zones in the country, lost villages in the mountain(and Majorcan old people who can't understand you because they only speak Majorcan in).
For example, Lluc Monastery:
And one of my favorite places in the island...Valldemosa

It's a small and so beautiful village in the mountain, famous all over ther world.
     This place inspired artist like Chopin and Ruben Darío,            (you can visit Chopin's house).
There are many stuff to know there, many places you can see walking along  narow and cobbled streets ,buying in their shops and tasting an iced-almond drink, homemade ice-creams, etc.
Places we must visit:
-King Sancho's Palace.
-Valldemossa's Charterhouse.
-Convent's Church
-Local Contemporary Art Museum
-Bartolomé's church
-Sant Vicenç Ferrer's chapel.
-Chopin's House
After that, we will want to have relax in the beautiful and quiet gardens we can see at this village.

Mallorca's capital, Palma, also has many places to go and lots of shops and typical Majorcan Bakerys where we can buy ensaimadas and cocas. I want to show you this one, it's beautiful, isn't it?
There are lots of kinds of ensaimadas, with cream, chocolate,custard...whatever you want.


Mallorca's Cathedral is a magic place to see when sun comes down and the night come for us
Now, I'm going to talk about the parties, the night's world..
If you love clubs,dance, laughing out loud and flirting, you will love Mallorca.
One of the most important clubs in the Mallorca is Tito's, in Palma.
In summer, it's open all night's, since 01:00 a.m.
Some days there are VIP gests and special parties.

Another important club, is Abraxas, maby the most important.
Located on Palma's Paseo Maritimo, Abraxas is in the top flight of Mallorca's nightspots. The club is set into the side of a cliff and offers sweeping views of Palma's bay and the yachts in the marinas below


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