First post in english!

(I'm only trying something new, and i know that this post could have some(or so much)mistakes, and i don't have too much vocabulary so...that's the result!)
Once I opened my eyes all can I say is: "World,tell me, what's going on?"
Im tired, too tired, it's too hard to see how this world is changing.
Or maby the problem is that we don't try to change these things, these horrible things that we have started to do so time ago, these things that we hate because we know that they're going to destroy our world, and finally, ourselves.
We can't control our own lifes, someone has decided what's our futur, and it's so hard to see how my life is beeing built by people who don't care who I'm and only see me like a number, not like a human.
Their mind it's like a machine, like a computer. Our education want's to create a insensitive person, a person who don't care the feelings and how he or she must be.
Because now, we HAVE to be, all these things that we were forbidden to do.
We have to be like we musn't be.

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